Effects of Greenhouse Gases on Children Research Paper

To start with, ecological shifts that have been witnessed so far and linked to anthropogenic conservatory gases may end up developing health complications affecting the respiratory system, skin problems due to exposure to ultra violet rays, skin pigmentation changes as well as inhibiting the cell invulnerability ability. Subsequently, such shifts can straightforwardly lead to temperature induced comas, sinking, intestinal complications as well as mental breakdown. Furthermore, the shifts set off by environmental modifications may amplify the speed of undernourishment, hypersensitivities together with predisposition to diseases spread by micro-organisms and insects as well as rising contagious infections.

Hands on attention along with by medical personnel, investigations paying attention to disparities in the consequences of ecological shifts on the age groups (which incorporates kids) and procedural backing by both personal and governmental stages may perhaps mitigate environmental degradation as well as enlightening on the and reaction.

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Effects of Greenhouse Gases on Children Research Paper
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Universal temperature changes recorded so far are due to the interplay involving greenhouse emissions, the global environment at large and the solar system. The major greenhouse gases are methane and carbon dioxide. Alongside these two are nitro and sulfur oxides, ozone and higher carbons which are emitted by petroleum conversion into energy and farming actions.

In order to maintain a thermal equilibrium, the heat given out by the globe should be equivalent to the heat received from the solar system. These gases lock in the heat which leads to universal rise in temperature. An initial optimum combination of these gases is required for livable settings here on earth except for the fact that manufacturing involvements by man has provoked the rise in temperature. For instance, it has been noted that the level of Methane has doubled since the emissions by industries began and that the intensity of the atmospheric gases has been.

Young ones are particularly thought to be susceptible part of the planetary inhabitants due to their budding bodily processes and the extended time which they are expected to be predisposed to these conditions. It has been discovered that at least three quarters of the entire avertable infections attributed to global changes in climate are reported by children patients. Thus in this research paper, we shall concentrate on the existing inquiries into the effects of ecological shifts on wellbeing, examine its significance on other age groups as well as recommending viable solutions.

The possible linkage that connects the change in weather conditions and young peoples well being is three pronged. First, the environmental alterations like the space contamination and distorted UV waves which lead to change in weather conditions. Second is the alteration itself that enhances acute temperature differentials and the accompanying calamities. Third is the transformation in natural conditions that affects accessibility of foodstuffs, hypersensitivity and predisposition to infections as well as the rising contagious illnesses.

Literature review
On the adults
According to Has, Whitelegg & Kohler (164) the consequences arising from ecological alterations experienced by grown ups (old and adults) may be graded into two. The first are individuals who are more predisposed to the hazard and secondly, people who are in initially predisposed and have superior sensitivity it being a component of maturity (thus biological vulnerability) or collective aspects which differ from a person to the next (communal vulnerability).

It is argued this immense response, as a result of rising biological and communal vulnerability, may well be responsible for the several harmful consequences of greenhouse gases on the well being of the children, adults as well as the old. However the discrepancy in vulnerability of the old people can be attributable to the prior contact with the changed climate, their physical and medical conditions together with mental and communal aspects as indicated by Aguirre(89). This necessarily means that as an , then the deteriorating physical conditions is a sure foundation for the adverse effects of climate change to be effectual. It should be noted that sequential maturity comes in handy as a rough calculation touching on the basic exposure situation, bodily deterioration and even infirmity according to McGeehin & Mirabelli (201) Furthermore, individuals who may be ill with persistent diseases and others on prescriptions which aggravate the effect of prolonged contact to high temperature, contaminants and illnesses spread by organisms. Absence of exercise also contributes to associated threats.

Communal and financial wellbeing together with related aspects add to the susceptibility among the aged individuals that come into contact with the harmful effects associated with the alterations of weather conditions. The individuals financial status as well as relative paucity hampers this or her ability to evade the harmful effects of the weather change. Individuals who are underprivileged in wide ranging aspects, from literacy, finances, accessibility to food and basic amenities, are more prone to the destructive effects of innate calamities as reported by Haq et al. (2008). This communal kind of segregation, as Wilkinson & Marmot, 2003 put, societal separation, little or no connections at all to the wider public may as well be connected with health problems and resultant deaths. The blending of persistent ailments with societal separation can be said to be tricky. It is obvious that such indicators are excessively concerted in aging individuals and thus their exposure to even more hazards, Haq et al. (2008).

Ones medical condition does in practical sense react when he or she experiences higher temperatures. The presence of persistent illnesses like the HIV/AIDS, heart problems, diabetes and many others also intensifies vulnerability (McGeehin & Mirabelli, 2001) so are the prescription drugs that hinders the human body from adjusting accordingly to the modifications in temperature (Bouchama, 2004). Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate intercession measures to counter the effects of high temperature that must accommodate individuals whose vulnerability stem from innate physical states.

On children
The children are more vulnerable to the effects of green house gases. The main reason for this is that their bodies are still developing hence any changes on the environment will lead to many effects on their health. The greenhouse gases have been indicated to be natural in the process of the earth process and the coexistence of all the living things which has resulted in the balanced amount of gas and the climatic conditions. According to Rom and Markowitz (79) the human beings have increased the amount of gas in the environment which distorts the balance of the weather which results in too much heat. This is due to the increased cutting down of trees, burning charcoal, oil, coal and natural gas. This increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. This increase in the levels of the carbon dioxide distorts the balance of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. There is production of chlorofluorocarbons from the use of fridge, hairsprays cans and the aerosols. These chlorofluorocarbons are so dangerous type of gas which leads to the atmosphere being very hot or extremely cold. Its what brings about the global warming. This poses a threat to the life of all the mankind with higher effects being on the children.

When there are changes on the weather, the children are the ones who will be affected the most. The main reason to this is that the children are always outside the houses playing and are very adventurous when it comes to moving from one place to another. This exposes them to the various changes and the increased emissions of the greenhouse gases. This affects the childrens respiratory system, and the skin diseases among other types of diseases which may be experienced.

It has been reported by the world health organization that over 140, 000 deaths are reported annually with respect to the greenhouse effects in the world. Three quarters of this are children aged below 9 years. The health of children is very easy to be attacked by any kind of diseases which results in a very severe illness causing deaths. Kawachi and Wamala indicated that the climatic changes bring in a polluted air which is harmful to the health of the population. The water also which is being consumed is not pure hence chronic waterborne diseases attacks people. Since children are not so cautious of what they take, they are mostly affected. Its out of their ignorance of the situation going on which is scientific that results in their careless consumption of these unpurified natural and artificial things. The water vapors which constitute ninety five percent of the air we breathe come along with many effects. The kids since they are mostly outdoors take this type of air which results in them having great exposure to the diseases which are so contagious. This is the main reason why most them have been diagnose with several illness which are contagious. The deadly diseases attack the children easily since their immune system is very weak hence most the deaths are experienced.

According to World Health organization, the health problems are mainly caused by the environment we live in. This exposes to us the need of high numbers of the children who are mainly exposed to the environment so much which leads to their main sickness. The health of people mostly children are threaten by the climatic changes which are faced in the environment they live in. WHO indicates that the changes on the atmosphere as a result of the global warming induce a lot of effects on the health necessities of the population. There have been adverse effects from the health damage as a result of the climatic changes. The children are mostly exposed to the several health problems which poses great deal of health risks.

There is the heat stress which really affects the children. This affects the blood vessels, heart and the lungs.This is a very deadly disease to the children which result in great effects on them and finally ends their lives. Hardy (97) indicated that the children also experience trauma as a result of the climatically changes. They are more prone to these diseases than the elderly. There other allergies which are encountered as a result of the green house effects which affects the children The allergies are so severe that the deaths of the children due it is increasing. There are regions which are adversely affected by the long term droughts where the cases of the mental illness and the trauma are being reported the highest. These diseases are not as a result of the natural existence of the people with the environment but are caused by the human actions which affect the natural atmosphere. The natural atmosphere once affected brings a lot of disorders and disastrous diseases which are severe to the mankind and leads to the deaths of many people even without their consent of the type of the sickness. The airborne diseases increase due to the effects of the green house effects which affects the mankind so much. The children are the main ones affected hence their systems are so low which greatly results in the diverse effects and chronic diagnosis of deadly airborne diseases. The air pollutants also lead to the several respiratory diseases which kill so easily.

The increase in the effects on the green houses leads to the rise in the diseases such as gastroenteritis which results from the food poisoning. There are also increased effects of the mosquitos transmitted diseases hence the conditions of most children are affected so fast. This is because the children are the vulnerable to such diseases especially the ones which are being transmitted by the mosquitoes. There is need to increase the use of the treated mosquito nets in the population especially for the pregnant mothers and the children. This is not possible throughout the world as most people in many countries are poor and cannot access such facilities hence the effects also affects the economic point of the population. The people of various countries especially the less developed and the developing do not have access to the adequate health facilities hence the effects of green house gasses is really a big mess to them. The most disadvantaged are the children and the mothers who need the protection of the other people. The children are mainly affected by such chronic diseases which has increased the child mortality rate.

The young people are prone to the diseases which are brought about by the climatic changes which explain why their death rate is really high. The children also have a lot of weaknesses in their bodies hence the attacks by such infectious diseases really affect them and ruin their health. The people who have accessed to the health services are very few hence the deaths reported is at an increasing rate even at the time when the people who are responsible are not concern at all. This affects the arid and poor nations severely. There is need for the scientist and the political class to be able to come up with necessary policies which regulates the emissions of the green house gas.

The green house effects are great concern to the whole world as it really affects the future generation severely. The number of the deaths has been increasing every year especially that of the children. The young people are greatly affected by the changes in the climatic conditions. The food stuff which is available to the young people is not healthy and has a lot of carbon in theme. This inhibits itself in their bodies and results in many diseases at their tender age ending their lives without any control over the causes. There have been several effects to the young people as they are energetic and their cells are still developing on the daily basis hence the attacks by the infectious diseases is rampant on them (DiMento and Doughman 112).

The greenhouse effects have resulted in many effects to the children on their way of life. The effects on the freshwater hinders their health matters so much and this results in the various waterborne disease being diagnosed on them. This has been the case in many parts of the world where the health care facilities are so minimal and far from the location of the people. The food insecurity also which is being experienced by many parts of the world is due to the greenhouse effects. Lack of adequate balance diet as a result of the food insecurity affects the children in a high level. This leads to the children suffering from the several diseases caused by the lack of enough nourishment. This contributes a lot to the death of the children at an early age and several other lifelong diseases which may not be easily treated.

The various relocations by the coastal people as a result of the floods and storms greatly affect the children. This affects the children the most as to their used to place. The children have several concerns when there is any slight change of relocations and that the people who cause it are not anywhere available to assist them in the handling of the adverse effects of the climate changes. The changes in the locations of affects the children psychologically and hence there are instances of disturbances. The children also are exposed to levels of health risks which are of great concern to the health well being of the children. This is because the people have to relocate as a result of the floods and the rise in the sea level. This threatens the life of people especially the children. This results in the many people being renders homeless and forced to be refugees in their own country. These situations affect the children as their future depends on their stability in a location so as to be able to work hard to attain their own goals. The children also are exposed to the chronic situations which affects their health in the refugee camps. The health care in the refugee camp is very low and the supplies of the medication also are not adequate as to be enough to the whole population. This also has escalated the need for the nations to care for the increasing number of the refugees in our environment (McMichael 131).

There have been various concerns by the doctors on the increasing health complications which are caused by the effects of the green houses. This has prompted the doctors to institute the world health day which mostly centers on the health of the people as a result of the green house gas emission. The doctors are also predicting that there will be increased number of people with chronic disease as a result of the green house gas. The green house gas is very disastrous and relates to the surrounding of the people who are greatly affected. The children are the most vulnerable ones and they are expected to be treated well without any instance of the complication being carried forward. There have been rising number of those dying annually as a result of the effects of the green house gas. The mortality rate is expected to increase by the year 2020 which means that the cases related to the children is severe. The increase number is mostly of the children who are vulnerable to the effects. There is need there fore to have several policies which regulates the effects of the environment due to the release of the gas. The government should be in the forefront in safeguarding the interests of the people in the country as the most vulnerable ones and the future of the country.

The children do not get the medical attention required so as to reduce the adverse effects of the greenhouse gases. The children have the ability to regain their normal health if well treated hence the lack of medical attention escalates the effects of the green house gas on the health of the children. The effects of the greenhouse gas vary from country to country depending on the countries abilities to fight against such effects. The adaptability of the people also in a country do affects the rate of effects with the health related complications. The response of a location to the changes in the climate is also what contributes to the increasing number of health related problems in various parts of the world.

The heat stress is considered to be the main disease which results from the effects of the greenhouse gas. This is as a result of the adverse effects of the climatic conditions which increase the heat in the environment resulting in adverse effects on the environmental conditions. This affects the health of many people worse of it all is the young people. The environmental stability also is threatened by this hence there is a direct effect on the environment as a result of the greenhouse gas.

There have been heat waves which have been experienced by many countries as a result of the greenhouse gas. The heat waves when its get in contact with the children really affects their health. Too much heat to the young people is very disastrous to their health. In Australia, the heat waves killed over thirty five thousand people in the year 2003. The majority of this was the people who could not easily move fast such as the young and the elderly. Their mobility was restrained hence the health of the citizens should be well equipped with the necessary equipments and control so as to control the effects of the green house gas (Friis 210).

The heat waves increases the temperatures in the environment and hence the people living there are greatly exposed to several health problems. The children are the most affected as they are physically active and hence the increase in the temperatures may affects them as it may restrict them in their mobility. This is because people have to respond to the adverse heats by reducing the physical exercises or anything which may increase their physical movement. This reduction of physical exercise will lead to the cardiac problems hence its a chronic disease which kills most of the people and mostly the children. The heat wave also brings about the problems of the mental illness and the effects of the reduction of fluid intake. The fluid intake is a necessary for the digestion and others function in the body. Its reduced consumption increases the chances of one affected by health complications. These heatwaves effects coupled with the low income of the people will result in increased mortality rates. There is expectation of further rise in several countries by the year 2020. The people who are located in the urban centers have high chances of being affected. The rural people are less exposed but they are also affected by this predicament. The main reason for the high risk of the urban people is that there is no vegetation in the area. This result in the increase in the heat absorption by the buildings in the day and the same heat is being released at night. This increases the temperatures which results in chronic effects to the inhabitants in the environment.

The people who are located in the warmer cities are less vulnerable to the effects of the increase in the temperatures as a result of the increase in the greenhouse gas emission. This is as a result of the people in the warmer areas being used to the high temperatures while those in the colder areas have problems in adapting to the high fluctuations of the temperatures. There are increased heat related sicknesses on the population and the children are mostly the victims. There are also expectations that the greenhouse gas resulting in high temperatures which will result in increased level of bushfires. These bushfires have been so far been experienced in several parts of the world. The bushfires such as the one which was experienced in Australia among other countries is expected to increase. The increase in the bushfires exposes many children to such risky environments which lead to many of them dying. The adverse effects of the green house gas are very risky and have big effects on the environment as well as the health of the people. The people with serious health complications such as asthmatic when in contact with the smoke affect them and may result in a sudden death. The children are more vulnerable to such conditions which affect them so severely and this need to be controlled and restricted (McElroy 117).

Bushfires results in the fatalities, burns and severe injuries are experienced which are serious health problems as the vulnerable are the children. The bushfires also results in the pollution of the air which really affects the respiratory system of the people. This is because there will be increase in the particles of high density in the air making it to be of poor quality.

The effects of the greenhouse affect the weather of the world in a very adverse way. The means in which the people get infected is through the infectious diseases and other natural calamities. The floods which are expected as a result of the changes in the temperatures brings about the severe diseases such as the traumatic injuries and the post traumatic stress with the increase in the number of the Ross river virus which is brought about by the breeding of the mosquitoes. The sewerage systems also will break down and overflows making the water which is being used to be contaminated. Children are vulnerable to the use and consumption of the dirty water and the contaminated foodstuff. This increases the infections of diseases such as the diarrhea which is a deadly disease especially to the children and the elderly.

The effects of the greenhouse gas are very severe and the vulnerable ones are the children. There are several effects which are brought about by the greenhouse gas which affects the climatic conditions of the environment. This results in the various serious conditions which affects the health of people and mostly the vulnerable people such as the children. The various diseases range from the airborne diseases to the waterborne diseases. There are also many infectious diseases, air pollution, allergic illness and the long and severe droughts. All these affect the people in many ways which results in adverse effects of deadly diseases. There is need for the whole world to be contagious of the mankind activities especially the scientific so as to reduce the instance which results in the increase in the greenhouse gas emission. There should be policies and treaties being signed by all the nations so as to control the adverse effects of the changes in the climatic conditions. The nations also should consider that the vulnerable people are the young which means that the future generation is greatly affected. The control of what is emitted to the environment is necessary so as to reduce the adverse effects on the environment which has direct influence on the people (Claussen 145).


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